Toronto is Canada’s business and financial capital, a growing financial hub in North America, and a top ten global financial centre. The Toronto region’s GDP accounts for 18 per cent of Canada’s GDP. It is home to Canada’s five major banks, the vast majority of foreign banks operating in Canada, and the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) – the world’s principal exchange for mining, oil and gas and a leader in cleantech listings., 2018

Want to be a part of the real estate market ?

We can help!

    Your plan might be to buy your dream house to live in or a piece of land to construct your dream house , or start a business by buying a land and developing it, but no matter what you do in real estate market, you are walking the path of your next big investment .
With our team of experts, we will guide you to select the best real property based on your needs and situation, not limiting your options for future developments, keeping in mind you always may need to upgrade or sell.

    Unlike most individuals or companies offering buying or selling a property, or helping you with renovation or construction projects, our team will help you plan a strategy either for your real estate needs or investment, build or development plans.

    There are lots of implications dealing and working in real estate markets as an individual buying or selling a house or your second property or building a new house or developing a land. One of the major issues and tasks needs to be taken care of, is Tax . With relying on our team’s experience in these regards you will always have the up to date and best options available to chose from, and a piece of mind nothing will be left unclear and not accounted for.

With net immigration into the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) hitting a 15-year high and pent-up demand for housing, Toronto edged out Vancouver as the top market to watch. According to the CBoC, the local construction sector is on track to record its 10th straight year of growth in 2019.
-pwc, 2018

We will do our best not to only design specific strategies for you, but also make you part of the planning and execution process, to learn the “Know How’s ” and also to be involved in activities like build as much as you like. You can be your own project manager to build your own house.

 Respondents also ranked Toronto’s housing prospects first among all 10 markets. Efforts by Ottawa and Queen’s Park to cool the residential market, combined with rising interest rates and high consumer debt, could still put another brake on prices. But strong drivers of demand remain indisputable. The region is also feeling the effects of demographic shifts. Millennials have begun to compete with baby boomers for real estate, and over the next decade, almost 700,000 first-time buyers will target the GTA or Hamilton markets.
-Ontario Real Estate Association, 2018  

Our hand-picked team of experts:

  • Mortgage and Loan Brokers (Bank or Private, for purchase or construction)
  • Real Estate Lawyers (Top 10 Law Firm since 2013)
  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents
  • Insurance Brokers (with wide range of packages from home insurance to construction)
  • Professional Chartered Accountants (Real Estate)
  • Architects and Interior Designers

Our next step toward more innovation in construction, is Environment Friendly Homes that in theory only need a water connection as utility services.
Integrating solar panels or solar shingles and home batteries, use of electrical furnaces and heating/cooling equipment instead of fossil fuels, rain and waste water management for lawn care and other uses, are only the beginning of process. We do believe in Global Warming!

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